CallTools and SimplifyREI

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Once integrated, your team can press on Push to Podio to automatically transfer into SimplifyREI.

When a Lead is pushed from Calltools initially,
Lead Stage within SimplifyREI will be “Untouched”
Call Attempt within SimpliifyREI will be “Make Initial Contact”
Lead Temperature will carry over as well as the conversation notes

Calltools #

  1. Log into Call Tools
  2. Click on CRM –> Contacts

3. Add your call notes, and press Push to Podio. This lead will now be entered into your Simplify Seller APP with the Campaign attached.

Incoming leads to SimplifyREI will be marked as “Untouched” and will generate a task to the assigned Lead Manager of the particular lead (located underneath Seller Information). Incoming leads will automatically round robin to any Team Members with their respective roles assigned within the Team Members APP.

To maximize the most out of SimplifyREI, go through each of these articles and set up a proper system with your team that everyone enjoys.

If this article did not answer your questions regarding Calltools –>SimplifyREI Integration and you have viewed the rest of the Knowledge Base, send us an email! support@simplifyrei.io

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