Updated on August 11, 2022

Follow Up Campaigns & Templates APP

Follow Up Campaigns

Carefully read the steps and watch the video below to launch your follow-up campaign successfully. Creating campaigns and templates can massively increase your lead conversion. You can set each template to be sent out in X days and launch it per lead, lead status, etc. depending on your team’s needs. 

Follow these steps to

  1. Go to your workspace and open Template App

2. Create Template for your Follow-up by clicking on the ‘Add Template’ Then Create template

3. Create your reusable templates by this way (So that you can add/associate multiple times) 

4. Go to your workspace and open Follow Up Campaign App

5. Create new follow up in Follow Up Campaign App by clicking on the ‘Add Follow’ button at top right corner

6. Enter The the Name of campaign and save it

7. Update newly created follow-up campaign by selecting template in “Action” (That you create in first steps) and add “Action 1 in x days”  like as picture bellow

8. Once your Template updated then Go to Simplified Seller App and select the Desired Seller and scroll down to “Automatic Follow Up Campaign” Section

9.  Select Follow up Campaign 

10. Once you select your follow-up campaign template Automatic Follow Up Campaign initiated Simplified REI system add comment in Desired Seller.