Updated on August 11, 2022

How to Invite Team Members and Assign Roles

Welcome to SimplifyREI! Invite Team Members and assign Roles before starting!

Step 1: How to Invite Team Members and Assign Roles

  1. After accepting your initial invitation via email to your company workspace invite your team members by clicking on +Invite as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. After your team members accept the email invitation to the workspace and you can see them in your members (accessible by clicking the wrench above +Invite and clicking on “Manage Members) you will assign them each a company role within your Team Members APP in order for your round robin and lead manager functions to work properly.
  3.  Be sure to add a Caller ID for each team member using your integrated dialer. Submit a support request with the caller ID you want assigned per team member.

Tasks are used to monitor team workload and keep track of key data points in closing your deals. Incoming leads to SimplifyREI will be marked as “Untouched” and will generate a task to the assigned Lead Manager of the particular lead (located underneath Seller Information). Incoming leads will automatically round robin to any Team Members with their respective roles assigned within the Team Members APP.

Acquisitions Manager = Simplified Sellers

Transactions Coordinator = Transactions

Dispositions = Buyers Book

SMS Manager = SMS APP

Lead Manager = This position can be modified to handle certain lead types within your Sellers APP. For example, Lead Managers can be automatically assigned to Cold leads, while incoming warm and hot leads can be automatically sent to Acquisitions. For modifications such as these, submit a support request using the webform located on your SimplifyREI homepage.

If this article did not solve your concerns and you have viewed the rest of the Knowledge Base, send us an email! support@localhost