Updated on August 11, 2022

Importing Leads into SimplifyREI

How to Import Leads into SimplifyREI #

Migrating data into SimplifyREI is very simple, but we would still recommend you consider only transferring over active leads and pending transactions.

Steps to Import

  1. Invite us to your Existing CRM using admin@simplifyrei.net 
  2. Download SimplifyREI Import Template file.
  3. Map your old CRM field names to SimplifyREI field names, as we’ll follow it to import what fields data goes where, from your OLD CRM to Super SimplifyREI CRM, We will not map your field names for you.
  4. When completed, send us your mapped file for migration.

Submit your Import Request Here AFTER mapping your field names into the SimplifyREI Import Template #

 If this article did not answer your question regarding Importing Data send us an email! support@localhost