Updated on August 11, 2022

Roor and SimplifyREI

  1. Setup and execute campaign in RooR. 
  2. When anyone replied the response will go to “Simplified SMS” app

3 .Open Simplified App and 

4. You can see all your response here under the view “Unread Messages”

Open your lead if you think this lead is interested you can move it to the Simplified Seller app or Buyer Books app

Go to “Prospects Section”

If you found he is interested just click on “interested /  Move to Simplified Seller” 

You can move it to buyer book via clicking on the “Move to Buyers” Button

If you found that the lead is not interested then click on “No Action needed” under the “Prospect Tracking” Section

6. When someone respond with the blocking keywords ( See How to set Blocking keywords )

7. SimplifyREI set that porspact stage Not Interested , DNC – Do Not Call or Wrong #. Also mark this prospect as “No Action Needed”

To maximize the most out of SimplifyREI, go through each of these articles and set up a proper system with your team that everyone enjoys.

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