Tasks and Monitoring Team Workload

Tasks are used to monitor team workload and keep track of key data points in closing your deals. Incoming leads to SimplifyREI will be marked as “Untouched” and will generate a task to the assigned Lead Manager of the particular lead (located underneath Seller Information). Incoming leads will automatically round robin to any Team Members with their respective roles assigned within the Team Members APP.

Acquisitions Manager = Simplified Sellers
Transactions Coordinator = Transactions
Dispositions = Buyers Book
Lead Manager = This position can be modified to handle certain lead types within your Sellers APP. For example, Lead Managers can be automatically assigned to Cold leads, while incoming warm and hot leads can be automatically sent to Acquisitions. For modifications such as these, submit a support request using the webform located on your SimplifyREI homepage.

How To view all team tasks #

Located within your APPS click on Tasks. Tasks are used to monitor team workload keep track of key data points in closing your deals.

First Way To assign tasks to team members #

There are two ways to assign tasks to team members. For the first way, go into your Tasks APP and click on the green  “Add Task”

When creating a task via the Tasks APP, you can customize the task Title, task notes, priority, the seller lead it’s related to and assign it to any members whom are already within your system.

Second Way To assign tasks to team members #

Tasks can also be created within Simplified Sellers, Buyers Book, and Transactions APP. For this example, we used our Simplified Sellers app.
Select a specific follow up date, or use the convenient Lead Follow Up In dropdown. Be sure to only choose one to prevent duplicate tasks. A task will automatically generate for the Lead Manager whom is assigned to the particular profile to follow up with that lead in X days.

Once the task has been created, you will see a confirmation message within the activity section of that lead profile and can also view any other related tasks to that profile under the “Lead Tracking” section of any profile.

To maximize the most out of SimplifyREI, go through each of these articles and set up a proper system with your team that everyone enjoys.

If this article did not answer your question regarding Tasks and you have viewed the rest of the Knowledge Base, send us an email! support@simplifyrei.io

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