SimplifyREI is jam packed with features but only ones that you need to run a successful and lean real estate business


Sending SMS and Email campaigns from multiple softwares and checking for replies can get tedious. Our lead conversion system is able to capture every action and centralize it in one location. 


When leads come into the system from your marketing platforms, they are systematically tagged depending on various factors. All of these factors can be customized to suit your business saving time and effort.


As leads are nurtured and followed up with using drip campaigns, they will eventually turn into deals. Handle all transactions and send contracts out right from within the system so you can see the deal to the finish line.

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Lead Organization Made Simple

No more pen and paper or going back and forth between multiple software services to track your leads. Once any response is received from a campaign, that lead now has a home in the system.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

One of the hardest things to do is remember when to follow up with a lead. Being able to schedule automatic follow up campaigns not only saves time but helps nurture those leads into deals. 

Close more deals

This industry moves very quickly, one day you can have the deal, the next day you won’t. Getting your a contract out to your leads as quickly as possible by automatically sending them with a click of a button.

Our Customers say it best…

SimplifyREI has been instrumental to our success in running our realestate business. The system is easy to automate and allows us more time to do what we do best- close more deals. The team is second to none and is there to support you whenever you need them.
Brandon Rhoades
This software is absolutely life changing. My business has never felt more organized and structured. It's allowing me to scale seamlessly and effortlessly. The ease that I'm able to accomplish in my business now is affording me the opportunity to work less and make more! 10 out of 10 would recommend SimplifyREI to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.
Segun Oluwadele
Coming from a commercial office in New York City and being a full time realtor now switching to a completely virtual system the last 2 months working along side with Frank he’s helped me build a steady and promising system. Cant wait to continue to build my company with his seasoned experience.
Jeter Artiles
Hands down the best CRM software that we have used! Frank helped us integrate with our texting platform and the transition was seem less. No more reading through every single text and trying to sort out the hot vs dead leads, simplifyREI does all of the heavy lifting for you!
Craig Patch
Using SimplifyREI made everything more organized and much faster to maximize the performance of our business. Couldn’t be happier
Wyatt Weber
If there's one thing about SimplifyREI, it's you'll wish you were working with them sooner. Simple as that. 10/10
Victor Aguilar

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Features Faqs

Some of the most asked questions can be found below. Schedule a quick call with us if you have any other questions.

SimplifyREI will integrate with all of your marketing sources and will allow you to blast marketing campaigns using those systems.

We provide a few standard follow up campaigns but we let you customize what you say to you leads and the cadence on when to send the follow up message.

Absolutely! We don't hide any features from our users and we won't charge you again for new features.