SimplifyREI is the Lead Conversion Machine that functions like the business partner you've been searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

SimplifyREI V2 is customizable to fit your teams structure and gives you step by step processes designed to convert more leads into deals with less time spent in front of a computer.

SimplifyREI support team is available from 9AM-4PM EST. You are also assigned your own personal client success manager to walk you through your system. Read our reviews from other happy investors here.

SimplifyREI will integrate with all of your marketing sources and will allow you to blast using those softwares.

SimplifyREI offers unlimited users.

We have made the process of migrating data over from other systems very easy. Our support team will help you transfer data into SimplifyREI to ensure you have a seamless transition.

$ 199 Monthly
  • Unlimited Users
  • Automatic Follow Up Campaigns
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • As Needed Team Strategy Sessions and Video Training

$ 199 Setup Fee Required

Non-Refundable Setup Fee. SimplifyREI will provide as needed Team Strategy Sessions and Video trainings

$ 1,997 Yearly
  • Unlimited Users
  • Automatic Follow Up Campaigns
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • As Needed Team Strategy Sessions and Video Training

$ 199 Setup Fee Required

Non-Refundable Setup Fee. SimplifyREI will provide as needed Team Strategy Sessions and Video trainings

SimplifyREI has been instrumental to our success in running our realestate business. The system is easy to automate and allows us more time to do what we do best- close more deals. The team is second to none and is there to support you whenever you need them.
Brandon Rhoades
This software is incredible honestly that’s an understatement. I went through closing a deal within a year to closing multiple deals within a month of having SimplifyREI. Saves so much TIME and effort to the point it seem as if I don’t do any work! I highly recommend and respect SimplifyREI and the whole team.
Tè Owens
Hands down the best CRM software that we have used! Frank helped us integrate with our texting platform and the transition was seem less. No more reading through every single text and trying to sort out the hot vs dead leads, simplifyREI does all of the heavy lifting for you!
Craig Patch
This software is absolutely life changing. My business has never felt more organized and structured. It's allowing me to scale seamlessly and effortlessly. The ease that I'm able to accomplish in my business now is affording me the opportunity to work less and make more! 10 out of 10 would recommend SimplifyREI to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.
Segun Oluwadele
Frank and his team have been so responsive and helpful. Even when Frank was across the world on vacation, he was willing to put me in touch with the correct people who helped us out. We are very impressed with SimplifyREI, Frank, his team, and just everything they have provided in the first 2 weeks!
AJ Vermiglio
Since switching over to Simplify, our business has become much more organized and task-oriented. Being able to stay on top of every lead without losing them was a huge reason we made the switch. Frank and his team do a great job of making sure they're delivering the best product for their clients.
Abrahm Dimmitt
So far loving SimplifyREI and the team that comes along with it! Super helpful, they make sure you feel comfortable with the program and truly want to see you succeed!
Gina Vermiglio
Best crm out there no questions about it. Also the owner Frank is the man and his dogs are the best wieners I’ve ever seen.
Austin Geiser
Using SimplifyREI made everything more organized and much faster to maximize the performance of our business. Couldn’t be happier
Wyatt Weber
Been working with Frank for two years now and I can say his CRM has saved me TONS of hours of work and his one on one help has helped me automate my wholesale business to the point where I am only making a few important decisions a day. He is the 🐐
Anthony Minervini
My interaction with the company and the software was definitely a positive one. I’m happy with my choice and how it benefits my wholesale business.
Michael J. Rifenburg
Simplifyrei has the crown. They sit with you and see exactly how they can help your business and gives you tips on how to grow. The leadership at the top is unmatched and it shows when dealing with everyone on the simplify team. They are always so helpful and solution based, I would recommend simplify to anyone who is serious about taking there business to next level.
Keith Thomas
My guys from SimplifyREI not only have a great CRM system but one of the best customer service in ANY industry!
Xavier Villegas
SimplifyREI is the best software there is .Makes everything much more simpler and a lot easier to produce anyone in Real estate should have it !
Andrew Vasquez
This software has changed everything for my company. I couldn’t be without it! It is so simple and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone in the real estate industry!
Rei Di Vine
Frank and the team at SREI will take your business to the next level! Systems + the guidance they give already has made a huge difference in our business!
Geoff Salfi
One of the best most under rated software programs in Real Estate. SimplifyREI has one of the best and most convenient systems. I have been using them for months and have had zero issues. There customer service is also A1. I highly recommend using there services.
Abdel Mahmoud
Amazing products matched with amazing customer service. Frank knows people comes from different walks of life and may not be as knowledgeable as he is but he is not afraid to help out anyway he can to see you succeed. If you have not started you working with him you won’t regret it when you do
Steven Vital
Yes obviously they are the most goated CRM and if you are struggling to keep track of lead flow and staying organized. Simplifyrei will simplify everything
Brandon Rapose
If there's one thing about SimplifyREI, it's you'll wish you were working with them sooner. Simple as that. 10/10
Victor Aguilar
Frank has been a wonderful help. He taught me things I thought I knew but in a better way. Wonderful individual & would recommend him to anyone. Value Yourself!
Nikel Berry
I was very new to real estate before Frank and I hoped on a call. He Taught Me So Much in such a little amount of time. Very Helpful and Very Educated
Brandon Barth
Frank is definitely a help! This guy has the answers to all of your questions. I highly recommend working with him. He has a complete understanding of REI. Thanks!
Anthony Parker
Frank has been a wonderful help. He taught me things I thought I knew but in a better way. Wonderful individual & would recommend him to anyone. Value Yourself!
Ernest Ethan Morgan
As i know him he is very intelligent and have good knowledge of real estate. I really appreciate his work.keep it up
Vj Avesh
Frank is a very knowledgeable guy in the real estate industry . If you need any help regarding investing in real estate, he’s your guy. Very friendly and personable . Thanks frank !
Joey Hincapie
I have been in the real estate industry for a long time and Frank has been a great help with constantly teaching me new things as well as informing me of deals and recommending clients to me. All around great guy and an awesome mentor!
Michael Turner
Frank dedicates himself to providing the best real estate services with all the knowledge he has and training he has done. Frank has multiple resources and never stops himself from becoming more educated. I highly recommend him for training or product services!
Jorge Garcia
Very intelligent and very hard working person. He always tell us not to stop learning and strive for more.
HoneyDew LJ Melon
Awesome guy and very helpful! would 10/10 recommend.
Daniel Alonzo
Excellent customer service! Very creative marketing! Highly recommend!
Brian Valdivia
This man gave me insight n help to better my future, he spoke to me 1 on 1. As well as, being honest and very informative Frank showed me what i need to do to take my business to the next level.
Timothy E. Torres
Frank Miller is clearly dedicated to not only growing his assets passed financial freedom but the people around him. When seeking advice from him, it is evident to me that he cares about educating and take pride in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went big within the next 5 years!
Isacc Lightbourn
I reached out to Frank for council in my RE business and he showed tremendous knowledge in the industry which helped my confidence in the visions I have for my Legacy. I appreciate how authentic and strategic he is with his approach to others businesses as well as his own. Keep striving for greatness Frank. Much love to you my brotha!
Martez Howze
Working with Frank for the past few months has been great. He has a strong g understanding of setting up business systems and KPI’s. He has a business driven growth mentality. I would recommend his services to anybody.
Gardy Realestateceo
It was an amazing experience!
Dan Marte
Frankie knows what he's talking about when it comes to Real Estate, his knowledge is vast and is eager to help out his students and peers. I highly recommend working with him and am excited to see how he will disrupt the real estate industry in the years to come!
Andrew Troya
Frank has helped with more than just real estate estate advice in the few months working with him. Most driven guy I know and won’t stop until the goal is achieved.
Ty Ler
Thank you Frank, I really appreciate all the information, methods, inspiration, and books you have provided for me. The Real Estate industry isn't easy to understand, but you simplified it. I highly recommend getting involved in this. Down the road you will thank yourself for talking this advice.
Daniel Parra
Very good not just other people talking about what they do he teaches you how to do It and is great
Hassan Ahmad Saleh
Frank took the time out of his day to help me on several occasions when I was caught up in sticky situations with sellers. I never pictured myself actually being able to work from a computer until I saw his perspective on virtual wholesaling
Kevin Rodriguez
Frank is a Bright Spirit! He's All About Helping the individual get the tools needed to be successful in real estate wholesaling and investing! I have gained a friend and an ally in Real Estate! Thank You Frank for Being Genuine!
MsVikki LaShun
Frank is a true professional that can help anybody better themselves with as little as a conversation.
Brent Mason Addeo
Coming from a commercial office in New York City and being a full time realtor now switching to a completely virtual system the last 2 months working along side with Frank he’s helped me build a steady and promising system. Cant wait to continue to build my company with his seasoned experience. 👍🏽👍🏽
Jeter Artiles